Thursday, October 27, 2011

Berlin Blog - YES! Just finished

"Finished" the installation at 16h30.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Valentine, Satu, Ella who where there at the end!

Now, there's a bit of tweeking to do, and maybe some changes in lighting.

Tomorrow, I will install the cube sculptures and the sewn photos in the adjacent gallery and tomorrow night at 7pm is the inaugural reception.  Please wear green.  Bring your friends (especially if they are art collectors, ha :)

actually, I'm a bit too exhausted to celebrate... will have to get a good nights rest and the tomorrow night, give me champagne.

Actually, I love it, there are many new elements in this piece that haven't been in my previous work and a new spirit of freedom.

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  1. Congratulations. Wish I could attend. I am looking forward to seeing some images and (?) time-lapse, whenever you get around to that!