Monday, October 17, 2011

Berlin Blog 5

Monday evening.

Although I worked on the installation this weekend, I didn't take time to blog.

I was at Direktorenhaus, pretty much all by myself all weekend, which gave me enough quiet time to work through my idea for the project and continue to lay-out the framework.

This piece presents a whole new challenge, in that it requires that I calculate where the cones intersect with the walls and with the corners etc.  The idea is simple, but the layout is complicated.  I have to calculate point by point where the ropes will hit the walls.  Requires a lot of math and sifering :)

Get to use the math and geometry skills I learned 30 years ago.

My feeling is that once the outlines of the forms are in place, the stringing of the cones will go pretty quickly.  We'll see.  As I've never done this one before, I can't say... there may yet be technical surpises that will have to be dealt with.  (there always are).

In any case, the worst part of the installation is past, and I am now really enjoying myself.

Everyone here is so friendly and it is a good environment to work in.

I went to big Fair of "street art" with Annemarie and her friend Hanna, on Friday.  I loved it.  It was very vital, combining graphity and comic aesthetics with contemporary and modern art language.  It really gave me a boost.  I'm including some pictures to give an idea.

Satu was not here today, so photos of the installation will have to happen at her return.

Still eating outside every day on the banks of the Spree.  There's a canteen next door which has homemade and cheap food and usually go with a mix of people who work at the gallery.  A bit chilly, but knowing it won't last... taking full advantage.

big outdoor mixed media piece

three lovely mininmalist photos by Matthias Heiderich

crasy fun photos by Frank Kunert

 huge powerful portrait on paper by Rems182

Annemarie + Hannah

incrediby fine work by Andrea Chiesi.  the second one is enormous
"viel geil"

and this one is for djaydjo :)

Sunday, Taha and Neda came by for tea and to discover the Direktorenhaus and to see my work.  

Then Sam Tiel and Roman Lukas, friends of my good friend Melanie, came by on Sunday and took me out to eat at Max und Moritz... a traditional germanfood resto that looks like it's been around for more than 100 years and the deco has never been changed.  It was great!!  Sam is an opera singer and Roman is an artist.  Had a lovely evening in their company.

otherwise, my german is improving every day.  I'm having fun enjoying the first time ever to actually practice what I learned in college and what I heard growing-up when my grandparents spoke german to each other.  Feels like home/childhood.


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