Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Berlin blog 2

Arrived at the gallery by taxi, after a charming chat with the taxi driver. Between his not very good english and my not very good german, we had a good chat.

I was here a month ago and it was summer. Today is winter. Gray, dark, raining, cold. Berlin in winter, quoi.

My room is on the same floor as the hallway where i will install the sculpture. The gallery has made a cozy little corner for me. A bit like a hostel, the toilets and the shower are two doors down and the kitchen is on the next floor down. A bit like camping, VERY bohemian :)

Met Valentine, my assistant, who is charming and enthusiastic. We had only communicated btpy email and phone up until now

Pascal, the director, Katja and Annemarie, the staff (i'm not sure yet what everyone does) were in and out all day. Good to see them again

The gallery is in the former mint building. It is massive and has a beautiful oval stairway. Its something of soho nyc in the 80's. However, it is downtown and has nothing but big buildings around it. No restos, no shops, no grocery stores. Apparently theres a canteen across the street, but nothing gastronomic.

I had to walk 15 minutes to the Alexis shopping center to find one, which took me past the rot rathaus and the remains of the franreich kirche, which had a eerie poetic calm beauty to it. Alexis is a mall like any other. Huge.

I found some potato bread, yogurt, cereal and was even chuffed about finding oatmilk. I had to go to the cereal isle, find oatmeal to find the word and then go back to the milk section to verify that i had the right thing. Hafermilch !!!

Had a cup of tea with Mathilde and shared a slice of bread, who is a graphic artist from paris whose lived here for about four months.

Think i'll head out and join friends for dinner

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