Friday, October 21, 2011

Berlin Blog 8 - Sean

The installation is really starting to come together now... the skeletons of two of the five shapes are in place and the others are ready to go.  This is the fun part.  Hard to stop at this point.

Valentine was my trusty side-kick super assistant today.  She really gets the idea and not only executes perfectly but also adds cleaver sollutions and suggestions.

Was also helped by Liana today.  Started training her on "weaving."  We hardly speak each other's language, but manage to make each other laugh anyway.

I'm sure to continue working this weekend, as the form in the photo you see, took 3 hours to do, and that is only a small part of 70 odd meters of tracery still to do.

I need to be finished by Wednesday next.  Not feeling panicked just yet, but will need lots of hands on-board next week to get it done.  Any volunteers?

Side note : We spent the first hour of this morning, figuring out how to set-up a timelapse shoot of the project.  I had the idea a while back and many people have been requesting one, so here goes.

Don't forget to drop a line and let me know if you are following along.

bises, Sean

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  1. i am looking forward to seeing the time lapse! Wish I could see installation in person