Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mont-Dore No. 7 - it's complete!!!

Spent today doing finishing work on the installation. We took vortex man off the structure and i did final touches on cord tautness and then cut off all the dangle bits that were extra. We then hung the red man back on the frame, lowering it a bit and tilting it forward. Hauled it up, only to see that there were three cords that were completely wrong with the new angle. It took us twice to get it right, which meant lowering the whole thing with the pulleys readjusting the cords, lifting it part way, to make sure that now cords were tangled with each other. It now weighs a ton, so hauling it back into place each time really took it out of me. I had to use my whole body to get it to move. Finally got it just right. We headed back up to the top of the falls and tied-off the ropes so that they couldn't move any more. Then back down to tie all of the attachments permanently. No more need for pulleys. We finished at 18h. Took photos and I hopped on the 19h30 train back to Paris. It's done! I'm too tired to even appreciate the fact, but know deep inside that it's a good piece. Will need tome now to get over all the hard work and concentrated effort in order to see it for what it really is. The art opening is next Thursday, which will be a good time to see it again with fresh eyes. Sorry, no photos tonight. I'm on my ipad without access to cameras. Promise to put them on line tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has been do ethusiastic and supportive.

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