Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mont-Dore No. 4 - It's starting to look like something

Times flies…

Tuesday evening.

Spent a very rainy Sunday and Monday cutting the six colors of cord into one meter lengths and then knotting them together into 6 meter lengths.  I made 40 of these composite cords, each with 5 knots… plus I also did 40 with 50 centimeter lengths of each color (for the center support line).  Which makes for a total of 800 knots.  My hands fingers are blistered.

bobins and 1 meter sections of cord

cool kitsch teapot at the apartment and some local wild flowers

 I also painted more of the giant man red.  His two arms are now all painted.  Plus I painted the mini-vortex man who will be part of the maquette that I will install tomorrow in the Musée d’art Roger Quilliot in Clermont-Ferrand. 

eDline headed back to Montpelier in the car late afternoon on Sunday after joining together all the parts of the hips and thighs of giant man.  There are just six parts now : torso, two arms, two calves + feet and the hips/thighs.  She'll be back tomorrow.

calf and foot reunited

two arms sharing a bed

Once it is all painted it will be the last thing added to the installation after the suspension cords are in place.  I started doing that today and will probably finish on Thursday.  After all the time it takes to get the structure in place, this part seems to go pretty quickly.  The only thing that might slow us down is that rain in planned for Thursday.  Will probably have to go out and work in the rain, otherwise we will get behind.

At 2pm this afternoon I was interviewed by Radio France Auvergne.  The interview will be broadcast on Saturday 16 June.  It was fun.  

start of the day - doesn't look like much

Spent the day adding the rainbow cords to the installation.  One line goes down along the back and two others go along the sides and make wing-like shapes on either side.  In the photos you can see the armature that I connect my strings to.  Vortex man will be attached to this structure from underneath.


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