Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mont-Dore No. 5 Cords are installed

Thursday evening,

Busy buy busy… Yesterday, I painted more of Vortex man red, until eDline arrived with her daughter in the beginning of the afternoon.  I then drove to the Roger Quilliot Art Museum in Clarmont-Ferrand, where I installed a maquette of the sculpture for their exhibit on Horizons.  They had the good idea to do an exhibit on the preparations for the exhibit.  It includes preparatory sketches and models of the various projects, showing their evolution and how the ideas progressed from the first inspiration to the final presentation.

Vortex Man maquette at the Roger Quilliot Art Museum (shot from below)

I finished about 18h, and traffic was so bad, that I drove to the old town and walked around for an hour, until the circulation calmed down and then I drove back to Mont-Dore.  The ladies spent the afternoon finishing the painting on all but the torso.

Today, we went to the site and resinstalled the main cord, with a larger one.  The first one made me worry that it wasn’t strong enough.  After a couple of attempts throwing the new line over the edge, it actually reached the bottom.  We then attached it to the sculpture and took off the old line.  That took us to lunch time, so we went back to the house. 

eDline spent the afternoon painting the torso and I went back up to the site and installed the rest of the cords, despite the fact that a HUGE storm passed through the valley at the end of the day.  I was able to work without much problem until about 17h, and then had to wait in the car for an hour, while in poured down rain and hailed a bit, and then even though it rained, I put on my raincoat and went back to finish the tension of the cords.  I’m VERY happy with the results.

view from inside the car as it started to rain

view from inside the car when it was pouring down rain

Vortex Man with rainbow colored cords completely installed

eDline is working on the head tonight and tomorrow we will attach the body of red man to the frame.  This will probably change the balance, so I have to readjust the cords again.  Once that is done, we can do the final touches and then transform all of the attachments with pulleys into permanent attachments that can last the three months of the exhibit.  Inchalla.


  1. Love this set of photos

  2. The first photo with white background reminds me of a Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing, something like the man in the self-propelled flying machine. The other photos show this installation in its amazing setting. Would like to see this while it is up, but not sure we can make the travel in time.