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McGinnis.fr Sep 2011 Newsletter

Friends, Enthusiasts, Supporters 

I haven't ever done a newsletter before, but so many things have happened and are going to happen soon that I wanted to keep you in the loop.

If you haven't heard, this is the Year of the POLLOCK-KRASNER FOUNDATION GRANT.  I received a large chunk of money for 2011, which I have used, among other things, to get new equipment and materials, but also used it to hire an assistant and a press-agent.  All are great.  

Nilda, is my ASSISTANT.  She is half-Armenian and half-Turk.  A dancer by trade, she is sharp as a tack, funny and very well organized.  She has completely taken over the website (having had no previous experience in the field) and is also working on grant writing etc.  She'll soon get the chance to "high-wire" on the installation of the next sculpture.

Joyce Bidouzo-Courdray came on board about the same time as my PRESS AGENT.  He is actively promoting my work and finding great opportunities for exhibits and events.  He's a 100% believer and supporter and is an effective communicator.  I am finding him to be a super advocate for my work.  Good job.

I took a two week workshop on using 3D SOFTWARE this summer (3DsMax, if you know it).  Primarily to use as a device for presenting my work for possible projects.  It works great for this, but also is a great creative tool, allowing me to sketch-out ideas, lighting effects etc, before ever attacking the ropes in person.  Lots of examples of this on my webpage and facebook page.

There have been many recent exciting ARTICLES on my work (link to my press page).   Check out the Yatzer article and Inhabitat.  Great text and pix.  Hey, I even got a write-up in Wired Magazine !!  The article isn't the best, but love the platform.  

More even-better articles to come (Vogue Italy, Journal of Design, Superfuture etc).  Sign-up on my blog or on my facebook art page to keep up-to-date.

The gigantic CATHEDRAL OF THE WINDS PROJECT has been launched. (See the link below for more information).  A 100' high cathedral, to be entirely invented from scratch... materials, site, etc.  Not only will the construction be blogged live, but also the conception, and realization of the project from the beginning idea, each step along the way to the ribbon cutting.   (See the preliminary drawings on the site).  More to come as it develops.  Use the flashcode here to follow along :

Just got word of a new installation at JOHANSEN Gallery/Direktorenhaus in BERLIN for October of this year.  It will be in their entry hall for four months and will be inaugurated during a big art conference there.  I'm very excited to be doing a piece in Berlin, which is the epicenter of Contemporary Art today, both production and consumption.  Start of the exhibit is the 26th of Oct and the installation will be in place for four months.  Art Opening the 1 Dec.   Come and join us !!

Other projects are in the pipe-line.  Will keep you posted on the blogs as they develop.

Not to mention, that part of the Pollock-Krasner Grant was used to buy a 3D film set-up, so the next project will be documented in 3D by my very good friend SHANNON BENNA from LA.  She is getting fame as the first woman STEREOGRAPHER of a feature film.  She is not only talented, she is dynamic, smart and creative.  We have been dreaming-up and working toward a collaboration for years.  and, of course, my work will be best documented in 3D.  

Reminder : My work is INTERACTIVE.  The process of installing them is like a PERFORMANCE piece and people are always encouraged and invited to get involved helping in any way they can.  I had 8 volunteers who showed-up out of the woods, when I did the Colorado Project in 2009 and that is part of the art.  Watching it evolve, helping, getting involved.

I think people have a lot of misconceptions and fantasies about being an artist.  Sure, creating is a solitary activity, but other than that part of the process all the rest can't happen without other people (and lots of other people) getting involved.  People need to believe in what you do and support you in words and acts.  Art must be sold, because even artists have to pay their rent at the end of the month like everyone else.  I have gotten all of my exhibits so far by word of mouth.  People who know people who know people who talk to them and tell them about what I do.  That is how it works.  In addition to that, my work is interactive.  People can help build it, follow the progression on my blog, can spread the word and can participate in financing it.  Doesn't seem like much, but it really does make a difference (all the difference, really).  Art in general, but my work in particular, requires the participation of lots of people.  If I am where I am today, it's thanks to all the people who have believed in me and helped along the way.  So, thanks to all of you who've been there for me and helped make my installations possible.  And thanks to you who come aboard and help me get my work out.

So, you are invited personally to be engaged in any of the up-coming projects.  

and if you want to participate, you can even do it from your computer.  I've made a list of things YOU CAN DO from your computer.  There's an extensive list below, see how many you can do and let me know what you did so I can keep track.

Don't know if I will do another newsletter.  Give me feed-back...

See you soon.

Sending love,


If you are an enthusiast of Sean's work and want to contribute, here's how :  

Participate  (yes, you can help and yes, it does make a difference !! ) :

a few ways (yes, 12 steps :)))) (any, part, or all of them makes a difference. "not perfection, but progress") :

1.  follow the mcginnis.fr blog - click here and sign-up  (leave a comment or two, too  :)

2.  Vote for Sean's work at Landarts.org (be sure to click "voter" AND click on the photo-link to the website to bump-up the "visits" counter too - this can be repeated every 24 hours - 250 votes for first place - 40 votes to take 5th place)

3.  Sign-up to follow Sean's work on his facebook artpage (click on like) (I get a free toaster once the number of followers gets over 500 and we are almost there :)))  (joke)  Actually, once I get over a certain number, there are more options available for the page that make it more accessible.  

6.  Take a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt in an interesting place and we'll post it on the site (depends on the photo :)

     (all proceeds go to help make the Cathedral of the Winds Project possible. Your help is essential and vital to the eventual realization of the project.  Thanks in advance for your help)

9.  Spread the word : tweet, facebook.  Tell your friends.  Forward this newsletter to them.  The more people onboard the merrier!  

10. "recommend" the article on Sean's work at Yatzer (scroll-down, find the article, click on like and then go to the page and click on the recommend button)

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  1. PS, Let me know is you followed any of the points above. I've been keeping a daily eye on the websites, but haven't seen any activity... :(

    If you haven't had a chance yet, please help-out with a few clicks.

    Thanks in advance :)