Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rockhem & Chicstone

text from the bio at Rockhem & Chicstone, who represent my work globally

Sean McGINNIS, an American sculptor living in Paris, grew up in Hays, Kansas, attaining a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1989 from the University of Arizona. McGinnis takes an intensely hands-on approach to his work that he crafts in his Parisian workshop or on-site at various international destinations. Creating a sculpture in mini form or transforming an entire space, he gives either method a three-dimensional aspect by adding a dense installation of strings held and sculpted into arcs, by yet more strings. Miles and miles are needed to create some of the architectural weavings, that float like colored drawings in the air. Original and rare, his work recalls the sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy and Christo, as well as the architecture of Gaudi.

The result is an array of fresh, architectural forms that reveal an intricately dense installation of strings. Glowing with brilliance the work is seductive, putting to use simple materials but allowing pieces to assume surprising shapes. Once the general idea is determined McGinnis begins to improvise. He factors in surprises, accidents and twists of fate. Accommodating these twists of fate and experimenting with them, not panicking but trusting the material and the area elevates the art of string sculpture far beyond our imagination.

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