Friday, June 8, 2012

Mont-Dore No. 6 Vortex Man installed

torso, two arms and thighs + eDline in the middle of all of it

 Friday Evening

Another BIG day ! 

eDline finished the head this morning.  While she was painting it, Juliane and I took the parts up to the site in the car.  As we were going back to pick-up eDline and the finished torso/head, here she came carrying it on her back : ).  So we went up and assembled all the various parts and suspended them from the frame.  That took several hours until 19h30.  We took a short eat break at the house and then went back and I started finishing the cords, adjusting the final tension and cutting the dangling ends, which cleaned-up the overall effect and clarified all the various parts.

Photos from today :

body parts

torso attached to frame
eDline with torso and one arm


 camera 2 :

camera 3 :

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